Rock Christian Church of Concord Wedding Photographer
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Rock Christian Church of Concord Wedding Photographer

Have you been searching for a Rock Christian Church of Concord wedding photographer? Finding the right photographer that suits your style and needs is important. You want to look back and love the images you received, smiling every time you see them - over and over again. I enjoyed working alongside Ashely Ricci of Ashley Ricci Photography to capture this couple's special day.

The image above was taken in the nave. This is personally one of my favorite images for many reasons. The symmetry is just so pleasing to the eye. You not only have a good balance from the lanterns on the floor, but also the lights in the ceiling and the pews themselves. This moment is also one brides anticipate seeing in their final gallery. It's a treasured moment of being given away to the love of her life. The great thing is she didn't just get a photo of this moment, she got an image that was well calculated, thought out, and enjoyable to look at. While most photographers can take a "good" image, I always strive to push my limits, think of a scenario thoroughly, and try to create art for my clients.

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer who's philosophy and style are like mine, don't be shy! Send a quick message, and let's chat! My husband photographs every wedding with me, and we would love to hear more about what you have planned. We can't wait to become part of your wedding team!

Location: 1005 Warren C Coleman Blvd, Concord, NC 28025.

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