Riverfront Park Engagement Photographer
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Riverfront Park Engagement Photographer

Are you looking for a Riverfront Park engagement photographer? We have photographed at this location several times, and each time we leave with smiles on our faces! This beautiful 167 acre park offers a variety of locations to use as backdrops for those oh-so-special images!

Here, we took our couple to a much less populated park of the park. We spotted the light coming through the trees behind them, set them up in a comfortable pose, and snapped this image. Despite the sweltering 100 degree weather, our couple was all smiles, and were up for anything we threw at them!

We make sure to include photos that are focused on the bride-to-be, as well as the groom-to-be. Here the image is more focused on the groom-to-be. We are certain that his mother is happy we grabbed this shot! Providing variety not only makes our clients galleries more interesting, but it also makes our client's families happy. We try our best to think through these types of details for our photo sessions.

If getting in front of our camera sounds exciting, we'd love to chat! Hop on over to our contact page, and send us a message. We'd love to discuss what we can create for you!

Location: 1115 Gist St, Columbia, SC 29201.

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