Candlelit Wedding Reception
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Candlelit Wedding Reception

Few things are more romantic than a candlelit wedding reception, am I right? The ambience sweeps everyone off their feet, and the atmosphere can't be beat. There are certainly pros and cons to having a candlelit wedding reception, but should you decide to choose candles for your big day, make sure you also choose a photographer who knows how to photograph them well.

The above photograph was taken at the Pavilion at Silver Fork, in Morganton, North Carolina. Judging by what we can see in this image, you'd have no idea the was taken in broad daylight, would you? Knowing how to artistically capture the ambience our clients have worked so hard to create is imperative. We made sure to adjust our settings to not only show off the candles themselves, but also the blue uplighting our clients chose to be part of the mood. Should you choose to invest in a lighting designer, you want to be confident those dollars are highlighted in your final gallery, and wedding album. We have a great deal of experience working in many types of reception lighting scenarios and pride ourselves in being able to create images that have impact.

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Location: 4950 Patton Rd, Morganton, NC 28655.

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