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Bridal Portraits at Carolina Country Weddings

I've LOVED capturing bridal portraits since starting my business in 2017. I am happy to capture these images on-site at your venue or in the studio. There is something so special and exciting about these sessions, and it's a great trial run for your wedding day look!

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Day-of Bridal Portraits

Many times brides want to have their portraits taken on the day of their wedding, which is fun! But there are a few reasons why having your bridal portraits taken on your wedding day might not pan out. What are some examples?

  • Your timeline runs late
  • Hair and makeup run late
  • Your first look runs late
  • Due to the bride becoming stressed her portraits are no longer important to her on the wedding day itself
  • The bride wants her portraits in a location that she isn't comfortable walking to because she doesn't want to get her dress dirty
  • The weather no longer permits going to the desired location

What do you do if you're a bride and one (or more!) of these reasons applies to or worries you? What do you do then?

What are bridal portraits?

To put it simply, it's a portrait session of the bride before the wedding day. Pre-wedding bridal portraits are very common in the southern U.S. Most brides will have a “trial run” of their hair and makeup, a fitting of their gown, and they may even have their florist make a trial run bouquet. Many times brides like to schedule these for the day of their portrait session, so they're instantly camera-ready!

During a bridal portrait session, you get to practice being in front of the camera, and you’ll get to wear your dress for longer than a few minutes to see how it really wears. You’ll have the bonus of seeing your wedding-day look from all angles in photographs, and you’ll have the chance to make adjustments before the wedding day if needed. Examples of adjustments are finding out you'd like to wear a bold lip, or an updo instead of wearing your hair down because it's windy at your ceremony site.

Another pro of a bridal portrait session is that it allows us to go to locations we may not have time for on the wedding day. It’s win-win all the way around!

To provide you a bit of insight with this southern tradition, typically a wall portrait, usually purchased by the bride’s mom, is made. This print, whether framed or gallery wrapped, is then put on display at the wedding reception near the cake or the guest book table. Most often, the mom then keeps the portrait for her home. Brides oftentimes like prints and/or spreads for their book or album, which we love to create!

Bridal portraits sessions can also take place after the wedding! This trend, as well as a "Day-after" wedding session, is great! It takes pressure of of the bride and the options for customization are endless! Being able to enjoy yourself, and your dress, is what every bride wants.

Honestly, I believe bridal portraits sessions are an excellent add-on to any wedding photography package.

Concord North Carolina Bridal Portraits

Mount Pleasant Bridal Portraits

If you're looking to book a photographer for bridal portraits in the Charlotte or Mount Pleasant area, contact me! I'd love to discuss your photography needs and chat about how these delightful sessions work!

The image above was taken at Carolina Country Weddings during a fall wedding. Luckily the timeline held together well enough that we were able to snap a few of this bride in front of the stack of firewood. There are sweeping views, rolling hills, and enchanting woods at this venue. Imagine what we could create with an hour or more!

What about groom's portraits?

Excellent point! While bridal portraits have been a long-standing tradition in the South, trends and traditions change! Both brides AND grooms have started having portraits sessions pre-wedding and we love that! They've also opted for formal studio portraits together which make timeless photographs, and again, it is a great trial run for both of you. Both parties deserve to be celebrated and photographed comfortably. If your guy might feel self-conscious with everyone around on the day of the wedding, a private groom's session and/or couple's session would be a perfect solution!

Want to book your own session? I'd love to hear from you!

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