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Vesuvius Vineyards Engagement Photos

"What do people even use engagement photos for?"

"I want engagement photos, but my fiancé hates having their picture taken."

"I'm worried I'll feel awkward in front of the camera."

Trust me; I've heard it all. Often couples are interested in having an engagement session, but they aren't quite sure what they would use the photos for other than social media. They also aren't sure where to hold their session or if investing in outfits, hair, and makeup, and the like is worth it. Many clients are nervous about a session because they don't want to appear overly posed or awkward. It's not often we put ourselves in front of a camera, so the anxiety is only natural!

What do we do with our photos?

Great question! There are many uses for your beautiful photos. I've seen them used in the following ways:

  • Save the Date cards
  • Newspaper announcements
  • Social media sharing
  • Online wedding announcements
  • Wedding websites
  • An engagement signing book ( this book is your guest book at your wedding)
  • Wall and table framed art in your home or at your workplace
  • Images displayed at wedding showers and parties
  • Images displayed at your wedding reception
  • Holiday card photos
  • Gifts for family

Do you pose us? Will we feel awkward?

Our goal is to make you not feel awkward! We work in a relaxed way that makes the session fun and light rather than serious and rigid. We want to capture you two as you are. We guide our clients into flattering light and positions, but we also allow moments to unfold.

Maybe you two love public displays of affection. Maybe you're silly and make each other laugh and smile nonstop. Perhaps you're quieter, softer, and gentler with each other. Whether you eskimo kiss a certain way or make out on street corners, we want you to see your authentic selves when you look at your photos.

While engagement sessions with us aren't "formal" we won't leave you hanging! We'll direct where your hands should go, where to look, and bring out real smiles instead of the "cheesy" ones. We love this image from Vesuvius Vineyards because we see the giggly nature of the couple. We also see how they naturally fit into one another and put their hands around each other. This couple doesn't appear stiff or uncomfortable and that's our goal!

If we don't do an engagement session with you will our wedding day be awkward? I heard engagement sessions are great for becoming comfortable in front of your wedding photographer's camera.

The more times you put yourself in front of the camera the more at ease you become. That being said, I've photographed weddings without meeting the clients before the wedding day. The simple truth is some clients choose to have an engagement session and some don't. If you don't have an engagement session with us before the big day, don't fret. It won't impact how we work or how your images turn out. We are very experienced and bring our excellent people skills to the table. No matter what you choose, I'm positive your wedding photos will turn out well.

What if we want to hire you for engagement photos, but we are not getting married in Charlotte, in North Carolina, or the U.S.?

No problem! We are happy to photograph any couple regardless if we are photographing the wedding. We are also available for travel, so if you haven't found a wedding photographer at your destination location, let us know!

Some couples live in the Queen City and want their engagement session here even though they're getting married in another city, state, or country. Some couples love to visit the area and want a photo session while they're here on business or vacation. Some couples love our work and ask us to photograph them at a specific location outside of Charlotte too. For instance, the couple in the image above was photographed at Vesuvius Vineyards. This venue is over an hour from Charlotte.

We don't care where your wedding may be, or if you have someone else booked to photograph your wedding day. We just like creating beautiful works of art!

How do we book an engagement session with you?

We like things to be simple. Fill out the form on our contact page, and we'll be in touch! You can also call, text, or email if any of those options suit you better. We'd love to chat about what you want your engagement session to be like, how you'd like to use your photos, and just learn about you two as a couple! From there, we can set a date and time, get everything booked, and the countdown begins!

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