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Riverfront Park Portraits

Riverfront Park portraits are some of our favorites to create. The park itself is a whopping 167 acres. There are open fields, the river itself, and opportunities to capture the Gervais Street bridge in the background. But one of our favorite lesser known nooks of the park has this small tunnel. Despite the 100 degree weather, our couple enthusiastically chose to go through with the session. We offered them a bit of shade, with a slight breeze flowing through, while creating this sweet moment.

We love the way the tunnel frames them, and how the copper color contrast against the blueish grey sky of an approaching storm. The leading lines of the handrails help take your eye directly to the couple. We are very thoughtful with our work. We strive to create art, purposely placing our clients in distinct locations, and posing them in flattering ways. We also work to make our clients comfortable in front of the camera. Having your portrait taken can understandably make one nervous. We work to get to know our clients. We share laughs throughout, and work in a relaxed manner. Capturing real laughter, smitten smiles, and sweet acts of affection make us and our clients happy.

If our style of work makes you want to be in front of our lens, hop on over to our contact page. We'd love to chat, and discuss what we can create for you!

Location: 1115 Gist St, Columbia, SC 29201.

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