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Great Woodsy Engagement Photos

Are you on the hunt for some great woodsy engagement photos to inspire you? Whether you're actually engaged, you're having an anniversary session, or just want some updated photos of you and your love for the mantel, woodsy photos are a popular choice nowadays!

Here, we took our couple to Frank Liske Park. This park has acres and acres of woods, fields, and even sports complexes. It's located in the northern part of Charlotte, and is an easy drive from the uptown area. With the help of the park's friendly rangers, we found a row of pine trees toward the back of the park.

We especially liked this area over other wooded areas because of the space between the trees. If the woods are too overgrown, it blocks more light, as well as making head to toe shots quite difficult. The openness of the area also cut the odds of running into poison ivy etc greatly reduced.

We had our couple stand adjacent to one of the rows of pine trees so they filled in the background nicely behind them. We made sure they stood in a open area of the pine straw, and let the work of the setting sun make this image perfectly golden.

If you'd like to see more images from this session, click here. We'd love to revisit this park and create woodsy photos for you as well! Just hop over to our contact page, and fill out our quick contact form!

Location: 4001 Stough Rd, Concord, NC 28027.

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