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Frank Liske Park Engagement Pictures

If you've been following us for long, you may already know we are pretty big fans of Frank Liske Park. Our Frank Liske Park engagement session images, captured a few months after moving to Charlotte, have become popular across social media. We are so grateful for the attention they've garnered, and love sharing a few of our personal favorites.

Here we met our couple in a row of pine trees near the back of the back (near the baseball fields). The rows are visually appealing, as our brains naturally love straight lines. We asked our couple to walk to a certain point down a row, and then stop to share a kiss. The outcome was this image, which we swoon over the groom-to-be naturally cupping his love's face.

We decided to take a good image and make it great by carefully executing the post production editing. You may notice in our portfolio, we are fans of black and white. We chose to do so here because it not only adds a bit of drama, but emotion in general feels deeper in black and white images. It also gives this image a timeless look, which is another goal of ours. We want not only our clients, but their future family members to display our images in their homes. A timeless feel to images makes that goal easy to hit.

If you'd like to see more of our favorite images from this session, check out our blog post here!

Location: 4001 Stough Rd, Concord, NC 28027.

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