The Best Fields for Engagement Pictures in Charlotte
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The Best Fields for Engagement Pictures in Charlotte

Are you looking for fields to take your engagement pictures in the Charlotte, NC area? Frank Liske Park, located in Concord, is a park we think you should consider! Whether you'd like tall grass fields, or wide open fields without tall grasses, this park provides it all!

The image above was taken at golden hour, which is about an hour before sunrise or sunset, in the evening. This field is located in the back of the park, near the baseball fields. When we arrived we just knew we had to use it! We placed our couple in the middle of the field and let the warm light illuminate the scene.

It's hard sometimes to find locations with enough room or landscape to provide such a vast natural backdrop. Frank Liske Park provides stunning backdrops like this, along with many other options. It has vast open spaces (great for images of you walking with one another), a duck pond for sweet images by the water, and a row of pine trees near the aforementioned grass field for more visual variety. A location that can offer such an assortment is hard to come by, so we highly suggest considering this park if you're planning to take outdoor portraits. Especially if fields are what your heart is set on!

Location: 4001 Stough Rd, Concord, NC 28027.

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